Lia Mitchell

Lia Mitchell

Dear team Baxton,

I appreciate you very much for taking such great care of my properties.

I have never met such a great property management company, such as yours, anywhere in the world.

Most sincerely, L. Mitchell


Rated 4.8/5 based on 82 customer reviews

Impeccable service!  They go above and beyond to deliver results.  I have no hesitation in recommending Baxton Property Management to anyone wanting a reliable and honest agency to manage their property.

As tenants we are happy to say that they provide the most professional service available. They communicate well, they’re firm and respectful. Maintenance jobs are completed quickly and everything runs nicely.

Most would be envious of the service and professionalism they provide to their tenants.

We recommend Baxton’s Property Management team to everyone.

Arron & Claire

I Highly recommend Baxton Property Management either as a landlord or tenant.  After selling my house I wanted to rent for a while and was pleasantly surprised by their customer service.  The contract on my house had gone unconditional and I need to find somewhere fast, when I went to inspect a property. The team at Baxton were so welcoming and understood my situation, and were able to confirm my tenancy application had been accepted in 24 hours. The property was in immaculate condition when I moved in and any small repairs needed were completed quickly.  Recently, I had my first inspection and received a thank you note from Baxton for keeping the property well maintain (something I have never received).  I am looking to purchase an investment property in the future and based on my experience I have no hesitation in choosing them as my property managers.  They are an awesome team and customer service driven for both tenants and landlords…well done ladies!


Yep, you’re worth the price! You’ve proved to be a great investment and you have my trust.

John and I are very happy owners and we do not hesitate to give the five stars’ reward to Baxton Property Management. (If only there were 6 !!!). They remove our risk with their fabulous Platinum package. We trust their advice and they are straight shooters. They handle everything for us and make our life simple!

Caroline and John

I very happy renting my house.  Information was given me in Chinese.  Ruth is very nice and happy. Very good people work there in office and very good company for me thank you.

I hadn’t rented a property before so it was really great to deal with these guys. They are so helpful and very professional. Any issues were addressed with a touch of urgency and communication lines were always open. Thanks guys – you are doing a great job! 🙂

We had been searching for a more professional agency. One that had far better communication methods and receiving our funds on time was also important to us. We have been with them for just over 12 months now and they have delivered on everything they said they would. We have told 2 of our friends about them and they have also changed to them. They also took the unpleasantness of having to deal with our other agency and made it really simple and stress free to transfer the management. Thanks Kellee, you have a great business.

They give a professional hands-on service. No request is too big for their proactive team of property managers. I use both their rental services and owner services and I couldn’t recommend them enough. I have used other property managers in the past and I can honestly say that Baxton surpasses all of them. If you are looking for an agent to manage your investments as if it were their own, then look no further. Baxton has a management team who are professional and business like, but approachable like family. I totally trust them.

I was somewhat shocked that you interviewed me and only accepted two of my three properties. After I digested that initial shock, I felt strangely rewarded that somehow you valued your business more than you valued mine. You said something about quality and not quantity. I now like that you don’t discount your service fees because I can be sure you will never discount my rent. You value yourselves (first) and you value me (second). You’ve opened my eyes. I am selling property number three and will buy another investment that will fit your profile as I want you to manage all my properties.


AWESOME EXPERIENCE – We have recently had the pleasure of renting a property with Baxton Property Management. They have raised the bar in property management to a level i have never experience before. By far the most efficient team through out the whole process and delivered with the highest level of care for a tenant. Other agencies should take note. Highly recommend this office to other tenants and to any owners wanting their property in great hands.

Best in the business – they manage our portfolio very effectively. They have been the most professional agency we have used in property management. Always achieving top rents, getting maintenance done efficiently. Cannot recommend them enough, they’re the best!

I have had my investment property with Baxton Properties for just over 8 months now and I could not be any happier! The new tenants pay the rent on time and from the photos in the regular inspection reports the house is very well looked after. I never have to call to see what is going on with my property, I am always kept in the loop. They are extremely diligent, thorough and really do a great job.


We love and trust Baxton Property Management.  In our dealings, we have found them to be a professional organisation, utilising technology where appropriate (agreements, reports, owner portal etc.)  We have been pleasantly surprised by their efficiency and follow-up with us and the tenant.  Recommended.

Mitch & Emma

Outstanding service to owners. As valued clients, we find them to be friendly, prompt, efficient, and their service nothing short of exceptional. The team at Baxton top the list and are without doubt the #1 agency.

Juliette 🙂

Kellee, you and your Baxton staff really deserve the positive accolades I have read on these reviews and I am very happy to convey my positive experience with your first class business services.

The whole team have demonstrated to me a profound level of heightened professionalism that is a cut above the rest when it comes to taking care of my properties and the way they deal with their tenants (so my tenants have conveyed to me).  Comparing my experiences with other real estate agents, Baxton are by far the best I have dealt with. They make sure all the necessary regular inspections are carried out thoroughly and if anything needs to be attended to or fixed, they’re onto it straight away.  If you’re looking for an agency to take great care of your investment, I highly recommend Kellee’s dream team at Baxton.


These ladies are awesome.  they not only showed me some fantastic properties but they made me feel comfortable at all times, very very helpful and knowledgeable and listened to what I wanted.

I would recommend these guys completely.  thanks for finding the right home for my family.

Cheers Lyndi

I’d say the 5-Gold Stars sums up your business. Well done!

What a breath of fresh air!  I was previously with an agency where I felt I knew more going on at the property than they did. Finally, after months of being unsatisfied, in frustration I called Baxton. After allowing me to vent they offered me extremely frank and honest advice and of course their services. Although fed up, I was very reluctant to change agencies as I thought that would be too hard, it wasn’t at all!  After signing one form, Baxton managed the whole thing with no effort or stress required by me! My excellent long term tenant who was threatening to leave due to lack of follow through on maintenance and communication is now happy and content to stay at the property.  I now get regular updates on my property, maintenance and inspections are actually done. Thanks for your great service

Not cheap, but the best never is.

My husband and I are very impressed with your service. As owners it has been hard for us to find reliable agents who we can trust. You have changed all that and we are extremely happy and comfortable with your great advice.

Initially, I struggled to understand how you could justify your management fees, as they were higher than others. After nearly one year I don’t struggle anymore. I have made more money this year to date (10 months) than I ever have in any one 12-month period. Your Platinum service removes my risk, guarantees my costs won’t blow out and enables me to get a better return on investment. I get it now. Thank you very much.


I have two properties managed by Baxton and I can’t fault their professionalism, attention to detail and prompt and friendly service. I would highly recommend them to others and have done so!!

Regards, Sue

I didn’t think there could be much difference between the services offered from one property management company to another. I was wrong. You’re the best I have ever dealt with by far.

We are delighted with the care and attention you provide us with respect to our investment properties.

We are so excited to hear you are expanding your boutique management services Australia-wide. The business foundation and ethics are sound, personal and sustainable. As owners of multiple properties managed by you we want you to know you have our unwavering support. God bless.

Dear Kellee & Staff,

Rory and I wanted to express our sincere thanks for taking over the management of our rental property and it is with absolute pleasure that we write this testimonial for you.

Our property was very run down, termite infected and required a lot of work to bring up scratch. It was a worrying investment.

However, the moment you came on board – everything changed.  Leased to quality tenants within 1 week, after the renovations were completed!   Your communication skills, experience and thorough documentation of everything has been simply amazing.

We absolutely have no hesitation in recommending your services to any client, and finally we can rest knowing that our investment property is in professional and caring hands.


Rory & Peter

We first called on Baxton when we were struggling with a recalcitrant tenant. We needed someone to come to our rescue and that is exactly what they did. They immediately put in place the legal procedures and had the tenant out of the property in quick time. Not only that, they had a new tenant ready the day after repairs were completed. The new tenant found has been a delight and now under Ruth’s care we can finally ‘set and forget’ that property. Our only regret is that we didn’t call on Baxton earlier.

In our dealings with the team at Baxton we have found them thorough to an extreme. They had all procedures documented and we were astounded at the time and commitment they showed in ‘getting it right’, a critical trait in property management.

Besides their overall demonstrated business acumen, they are genuinely good people and we are ecstatic to now have them on our team.

If you are an owner looking for the best property managers, then we say choose Baxton.

We have found Baxton to be very professional and helpful in managing our investment properties. We will say that on the face of it they appear to be expensive, but when you compare the service you receive, the reduced risk and increased return on investment, it all works. Highly recommended!

Dear team Baxton,

I appreciate you very much for taking such great care of my properties.

I have never met such a great property management company, such as yours, anywhere in the world.

Most sincerely, L. Mitchell

I told you I give testimony if you win me over. Ok you win. That is testimony.

The best agency ever!  They are so professional.  I couldn’t recommend them high enough to owners.

You will not find better property managers anywhere! I dreaded having to find an agent to manage our investment property after dealing with an endless amount of rude, uncaring, sub-standard agents. Thankfully I came across Baxton who blew me away, not only with absolutely EXCEPTIONAL service and quality, but with the added bonus of being completely REAL. I don’t mind paying for great service and that’s what I get from these guys. I can’t recommend them more highly, if you want to protect your investment and reduce your risk, like I did, then  SWITCH TODAY… you won’t regret it!

A big thank you for doing a fantastic job with my rental property. You are thorough and passionate about your business and I could not recommend your services any higher and for that I thank you once again!

Superb! What a group of superstars. Professional, extremely knowledgeable and always straight to the point. They set clear ground rules and they attended to maintenance as soon as the owner approves it. They communicate really well. Best agency I’ve dealt with in all my 15 year rental history!

I have always found you to be completely customer focused, in a matter of fact kind of way, which is great.  You have a thorough knowledge of all regulations.  I particularly like the fact that you look after the landlord and also treat tenants with respect, not something I have found with other property managers that I have used. This attitude ensures I am not continually needing to find new tenants.  Happy tenants stay longer. Thanks you do a great job.

Baxton Property Management’s service is superior to what I have received from other agents. Very personal service (thanks Kellee) and they are willing to put in the extra time to find the right tenants. Communication is timely and they have been wonderful in dealing with a difficult tenant they inherited from my previous agent. I recommend them often to my friends and family.

We could not be happier. Our properties have never been in better hands. Thank you for the rent increases and keeping our portfolio compliant. Thank you for selecting premium tenants for each of them. Baxton is not the cheapest, but they are definitely the best! Our properties are effectively managed and our ROI has never been higher, so you are definitely worth the money. We highly recommend Baxton to other owners.

Gary & Carol

You are the very best in the business. We’ve had a few managers over the years, but you are direct, frank, firm yet fair and you know your business. We trust you in managing our property investment portfolio. You have delivered to us the best returns we have ever had. I very much appreciate the way you take the stress off us and look after our investments. A big thank you to you. Top marks and 5 gold stars!

Phil and Kathy

I want to say a huge thank you for managing my property so very well.

We were forced to change agencies when our previous property management company sold their business to a national brand who we experienced to be a very poor operator. We always thought we had received really great service for many years, I suppose because we had nothing to compare it to and we never really had any problems and things just ticked along. Anyway, we ended up moving our management to Baxton. Jenny and I cannot believe the different level of service they provide us. Our income has almost doubled, as the property was previously being rented far below market value (which the national agency didn’t pick up on), the property is now fully compliant, we receive regular reports, statements, information, market information, tips and initiatives. We were ignorant, we didn’t know what we didn’t know, but now we are so glad to know Baxton.

Trustworthy, professional and great customer service. I Highly recommend Baxton Property Management’s landlord services

It’s really true!

They look after our property as if it were their own.

No hesitation in recommending these professionals.


Baxton has managed several properties for me and I have never had a minute’s problem.  They respond promptly to my questions, get the best prices and react promptly.  I receive great returns on my investment and Baxton has a focus on the “numbers”. I trust them so much I have stopped calling them, as I have all the information I need at my disposal 24/7.

I recommend Baxton Property Management to anyone that wants to deal with people who value honesty, integrity and customer service at the highest level. From the outset, they provided me solid advice based on their years of experience. Sometimes that advice challenges me, but it is never wrong. I am very happy with their attention to the details that were of most concern to me and I am pleased to be able to recommend them.

These guys are by far the best real estate agents I have ever dealt with. I was a tenant with Baxton Property Management, and I have never had a real estate agent that cares about tenants and their needs as much as they care about the owners as well. They always were great with emails and they made our move out experience an absolute pleasure!!! I recommend these guys to anyone who is looking to rent a house.

Owing three rental properties, I have found them dedicated to their job.

They are professional and caring with their approach to providing excellent tenants, following up with their regular inspections and being pro-active to prevent property damage, late payments and maintenance of the property.

I could not ask for better service and feel confident recommending Baxton Property Management to my friends and associates.

Customers service is top rate, any enquires I have had have been sorted out with in a few days, they always answer my enquires quickly and always have a solution to any problems that may arise on my side.

I would not use any other property management company now that I have found them.

5* is not a high enough rating for this company they are simply amazing, taking all the stress and worry out of Property management.

Absolutely the best property management people ever.  My husband and I own several properties that we have entrusted to Baxton.  We are consistently pleased with their professionalism and integrity.  They are the BEST property managers we have ever dealt with.  We are so lucky to have found them.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the professional, courteous and effective service I received from Baxton. Start with the BEST and hire Baxton Property Management.  You will NOT be disappointed with their service.

Cathy and I have been reading all these reviews and we just want to say, Baxton Property Management are second to none, best in Tasmania!! Very happy 🙂

I found my experience to be extremely professional, helpful and satisfying as property managers for my investment in South Hobart. Baxton were the most expensive I found and I was nervous to go with them purely on cost alone. The results have been great and I believe they are worth every cent. They are very trustworthy.

Excellent Company.

Baxton now manage a number of properties for us.

The fixed cost Platinum service works out fantastically as a number of our properties are over the median rental rate for Hobart, this works out cheaper than a % management fee.

Would recommend to anyone looking to get a property managed without the hassle.

Leslie and I cannot fault the service we receive. We regularly refer our friends to Baxton and we know how happy each of them are with the service too.

I had a serious issue with my investment property, I was being sued by a tenant. The tenant had been a problem for a very long time and the agent I was using at the time said I was ‘screwed’. I got some advice from some other agents who said the same. A friend suggested Baxton in Sandy Bay. I told them my issue and they told me to relax, hand the property to them and they would take care of it. I asked how that were possible, when everyone else told me I was ‘screwed’. They said: “Seriously, relax, this is our daily occupation, it’s what we do”. I had no other options, really, but Baxton gave me my first three months’ management fees for free to trial their services. That softened the blow a lot. I really had nothing to lose and everything to gain. They could either achieve the outcome or they couldn’t, plain and simple.

A long story short, I transferred my property to them, they sorted the issue, they got me a new tenant and a rent increase. They mean what they say and I trust them. They are worth every cent. 10/10

Although only a brief relationship as we transitioned out of a rental property Baxton recently acquired. The communication has been great and cannot fault. A huge improvement of dealings with previous management.

Due to my work I am rarely in the state/country to oversee my portfolio. Baxton are my eyes and ears on the ground, and have succeeded where many have failed. Due to mismanagement from previous agents my properties have not been without problems, from rotting decks, major repairs & renovations. As Baxton have taken over my properties now managing all of them they have reported on maintenance that was long neglected by previous agents, and successfully managed each project in a timely and thorough manner. My properties are now properly cared for, rents are increased. Using Baxton is definitely the wisest investment I have made in quite some time.

Baxton currently manage 4 properties that I own. I am very pleased with the first-rate service provided by them. Rents are regularly reviewed to ensure they are in line with market conditions and the properties are very well managed ensuring my interests are put first. They are tough and straight to the point, I respect that.

They are without any doubt the very best real estate property management group I have dealt with in over 25 years of property investment and I trust them absolutely.

Our experience with Baxton has been absolutely great so far, definitely the best Real Estate we’ve dealt with in Australia until now. We’ve had many bad experiences with other Real Estates in the past and it’s really nice to see that customer service and honesty still exists in this business. They are very professional and extremely efficient and we’re very happy with the service they provide. Keep up the great work we really appreciate your professional service!

What I love about Baxton Property Management is… THERE IS NO EGO! They know their stuff and they get on with the job. I trust their advice. Their reports are detailed, communication is effective and they definitely suit my lifestyle!

I highly recommend them to other property owners.

Best regards,


Baxton was able to lease my property quickly and it’s continuing to achieve great results thank you.

Having been my first investment property I met with a few agents to get an understanding of how everything worked. My initial meeting was much better than that of the other agents I met with, she was very professional and gave me all of the information I required. I made my decision based on first impressions and it has been a very good experience since. Within days, they had professional photographs taken, advertising done, inspections booked and applications sent through to me with her recommendations. Highly recommended and a pleasure to deal with.

I used to worry a lot about my investment property and I came close to selling it mainly because of the problems it caused. Last year I changed the management of my property to Baxton Property Management Sandy Bay and all those issues have gone. You cannot believe how thankful I am.

I had four properties managed by four different agents to hedge my risk. I’ve operated that way for the past seven years as I built my portfolio. Last year I bought a fifth property and assigned the management to Baxton Property Management. I have been so impressed with the way they have managed my property and my increased yield I have now transferred all of my properties to their care. For me they have lowered my risk and increased my yield which I find most excellent.

Renting for the very first time seemed like an overwhelming task, but we had a great experience with Baxton Property Management. The minimal issues we had were dealt with in an efficient, timely, proactive – and above all friendly –  approach. 10/10 would recommend!

the whole team were fantastic in navigating the ups and downs of first time renting. Their friendly approach to our home made all the difference. Would highly recommend





Kellee’s team are great. Consistency with whoever you are dealing with. Open communication, efficient, deliver what they promise. Was recommended to them and can happily recommend them forward. Thanks guys!

Since changing our property management over to Baxton Property Management we have had piece of mind that our property is being looked after in a professional, individual manner.  They are efficient, caring, and really do want to make sure your property is handled in such a way that maximises its potential and benefits us.  I would recommend any prospective rental property owners to give them a call.

Your team are dedicated to providing a professional service and have exceeded our expectations. You are constantly communicating with us, found appropriate tenants quickly and your ongoing management is second to none. We would highly recommend you to any other property owners who seek to have their property managed.

Very dedicated, hardworking and professional agency. I recently changed to Baxton and could not be happier. The team have been great! Finding tenants very quickly and dealing with a major flooding issue caused by a washing machine on the weekend very promptly. I am very grateful to this agency and give them 5/5 stars.

Since changing to Baxton we have learnt the difference between a property manager and a specialist property manager. The level and breadth of service provided by them allows us to have confidence in achieving the best results from our investment property. They are no-nonsense, direct and firm.

I made the mistake of following my property manager when she left last year and went to more senior role in a national agency. I thought it was her giving me great service. I was wrong. It was the rest of the team and the systems Baxton has that made the management of my property so professional. So I moved back. Happy again!!

I happened to get chatting with a property manager from Baxton Property Management while she was holding an open home for an apartment next to my investment property. I was impressed by the way she was interacting with her prospective tenants.  I had managed my own property for 4 years and thought I was doing an ok job of it although stressful, and didn’t see the point of spending money on a property manager. This was until I saw the immaculate presentation of the unit she was showing, and also the amount of rent the property was marketed for. I quickly realised my unwillingness to ‘disturb’ my tenants for routine inspections was not a great idea. The condition of my unit had deteriorated and I was getting nowhere near as much rent as the managed property beside me. After a few conversations I decided to have Baxton manage my property. I now have great tenants paying more rent and my apartment has been brought up to scratch. Highly recommend, they are really excellent.

Nothing has ever compelled me to provide a testimonial before. However, since switching over to Baxton Property Management we are wondering why we didn`t do it sooner. Finally we can trust that all our questions and concerns about our rental property will be, firstly answered, but even answered within 24 hrs. Which is so important for us living interstate. They make us feel at ease by knowing they treat our property like it was their own and it`s great that we deal with the same person all the time and are not passed on to the newly employed property manager who basically has no idea what they are doing. Definitely highly recommend Baxton to manage your property,

As a property owner, I highly recommend Baxton Property Management.

I trust Baxton with the management of my investment property. I never have any issues and my rent is paid on time.

It has just been a couple weeks having experience with Baxton Property Management, but we can feel the difference already. The quick response and proactive actions is excellence.

I love that they negotiate hard for me. I achieve premium rent returns and maintenance is very affordable.

You guys are really awesome.

I just want to say that Baxton has made a huge difference to my life. I am no longer stressed about my property and I really do feel that it is in very safe hands. Thanks so much.

I like that every thing just happens how it should, be it rent, communication or service. You are direct, matter of fact and reliable. Works for me.